Running Forward

The Seed

on May 20, 2013

Yet another busy, but fun weekend. I relaxed on Friday with some TV and crosswords. Sounds lame, but it was wonderful. On Saturday I met a new friend for coffee before my kickboxing class. She recently moved to Hoboken from Chicago and was introduced to me by a family friend. So happy to meet another Hobokener, especially one who is so nice! On another note, I ordered my first iced coffee- delicious! I can’t wait to make my own this summer when the weather gets hot enough. 

After my final kickboxing class at this particular studio (my Groupon month ended) I did my grocery shopping, ate lunch, and got ready to see The Great Gatsby with yet another Hobokener. I loved the book in high school, so I was pretty curious to see the movie. The cinematography was beautiful, but very trippy. Reminded me very much of “Moulin Rouge”. I recommend it though!

On Sunday I went to a Vegan convention/expo called The Seed with a friend in Soho. Rain persisted throughout the day, so having an indoor activity already planned made the weather tolerable. The space was filled with vendors, areas for speakers, and lots of yummy samples. Among my favorites were baked goods, soups, chocolate pudding, the list goes on and on. Even though I’m not vegan (and have no plans of ever completely converting) I enjoy experimenting with different cooking techniques and getting nutrition from plant-based foods instead of meat. I made the decision in college to stop eating beef and pork, and I only eat poultry/seafood occasionally, so I want to make sure I’m still eating a balanced diet. 

Regarding the speakers, I was primarily interested in learning about sports nutrition. First I saw a presentation from a vegan boxer and followed up with a talk from Brendan Brazier. It’s encouraging to hear about these men being able to achieve so much athletically without relying on meat. Cool stuff. Here are some pics from the day. I didn’t take very many because my camera’s been acting up, but at least it’s better than nothing. 



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