Running Forward

Peace within the Chaos

The week ended on a great note because of fun activities with friends on Thursday and Friday after work. Hoboken’s summer concerts and movies on the pier began about a week ago, and I noticed that the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra was featured this past week. My friends and I originally planned on meeting in the city for dinner, but decided to get take-out instead and have a picnic while watching the concert. I found a spot on the pier after hopping off the shuttle and my friends brought the take-out from our favorite Peruvian place. Of course I ordered my favorite, ceviche mixto. No picture this time b/c it’s not the prettiest dish, but it sure is delicious! It was made up of scallops, shrimp, fish, calamari, and octopus. Another thing I love about Peruvian ceviche is how it always comes with boiled potato, sweet potato, and giant Peruvian corn on the side. After taking some pics we all chowed down and enjoyed listening to some amazing music. The orchestra played a great mix of songs that included patriotic tunes, movie soundtracks, and more traditional songs. 




On Friday I signed up for free yoga in Times Square as part of the Summer Solstice event. There were free classes throughout the day, but we signed up for the 7:45 pm class in order to make sure we had enough time to get there after work. Luckily, I was able to get out early and met up with Kaitlyn near the check-in area. We arrived super early, so we walked around and explored a bit before finally getting to stake out a spot. Before setting onto our mats, though, we hit up the freebie area and stocked up on some goodies. Once the yoga started, Times Square calmed down and it felt surprisingly calm. The scenery was especially beautiful after the sun went down. I’m definitely participating in this event again next year. 


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A New Kind of Salad

I’ve never been much of a tuna fan, but I recently discovered I actually like it when mayo is nowhere nearby. To switch up my lunches this week I created a sort of tuna salad to put on top of my lettuce each day. Super simple and delicious. Here’s what I did:

No Mayo Tuna Salad

2 roma tomatoes

1 cucumber

1 half bell pepper

1 can tuna (in water)

lemon juice


apple cider vinegar

1 can cannellini beans

salt/pepper to taste

Super simple. All you do is finely dice the cucumber, tomatoes, and pepper. Add the drained tuna and drained/rinsed beans. For the dressing I added apple cider vinegar, a bunch of dill, a splash of lemon juice, and salt/pepper to taste. Mix it all together and let it marinate in the fridge for a few hours. The best thing about this recipe is how versatile it is. You can choose so many different combinations of veggies and dressings. Enjoy!


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Middle of the Week

Work was pretty crazy for most of the week, so I kept my evenings pretty low-key except for Wednesday. One of my Hoboken friends (who also works for NBC, but in a different department) invited me to join her and some other coordinators out for drinks. I love going into the city, so I hopped on the shuttle after work and made my way to Rockefeller Plaza where I waited to meet them. That area is always crazy busy since it’s such a touristy spot, but I’d love to experience working there someday. We’ll see……   Anyway, they got out of work around 7:30 pm, so I met them at their building and we went to the Bryant Park Grill just a few blocks away. We waited a while for a table, but finally settled in and ordered some drinks once we were seated. The patio was lively and the setup reminded me of a large Parisian cafe. I ended up ordering the Aperol Spritzer- aperol, prosecco, & club soda. It was delicious and the perfect summer cocktail. I had a great time meeting some new girls and enjoying the city. I was a bit tired the next day, but it was worth it. Now time for a laid back weekend with some fun new recipes to try.


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Some random notes on life lately:

I made a delicious dinner on Saturday using fresh, local veggies from the farmers market and a small filet of flounder that tasted delicious but totally fell apart on me. Radishes, by the way, are so much better when roasted or sauteed! I’m addicted.



On Saturday morning I went for a 3 mile run along the Hudson, then walked all over the city grocery shopping at 3 different places- Union Square farmers market, Chinatown, and Trader Joe’s. I think I have an addiction to grocery shopping and walking.


It’s been over a week since I gave up caffeine and I’m feeling so much better. Finally I fall asleep faster, don’t get jittery, and for some reason don’t get hungry as quickly after breakfast. I’m not giving up my decaf anytime soon though.

Kaitlyn and I went to Hoboken Gourmet Company for Sunday brunch and both loved our dishes. The atmosphere was super cute and the restaurant makes everything from scratch and in-house. I ordered the garden omelet, which came with peppers, onion, tomato, and fresh mozzarella (made in-house!). Delicious!


Kaitlyn also got me hooked on Suits this weekend. I want to marry Harvey now. Also, I love supporting one of my networks!

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