Running Forward

In the Water, On the Stage

So, Lesley and I packed in a full day on Saturday, so we kept Sunday a little more low-key. I started with a run along the river, then arrived back home just as Lesley was waking up. We both ate breakfast and got ourselves together with enough time for a quick trip to the grocery store. Having a second person there to help me carry everything was amazing! After putting the food away we grabbed our things and went back to Pier 40. We were fully prepared for kayaking this time, so we enjoyed a few laps around the pier while taking in the beautiful scenery.




We ended up buying tickets to see the 3 pm showing of The Nance on Broadway, so we walked to Times Square to eat a quick lunch at Green Symphony. The hot bar was smaller than usual since it was Sunday, but everything was still delicious. I got a mix of hot bar items plus a cup of butternut squash soup. Lesley grabbed a true NYC hot dog from a stand outside and also had some items from the hot bar. After finishing up, though, she bought a vegan banana blueberry bar which was delicious!

Green Symphony

Green Symphony- blueberry banana bar


One of the reasons I really wanted to see The Nance was the lead actor, Nathan Lane. He’s always been one of my favorites, especially in The Birdcage. The play was enjoyable and very though-provoking, but Lesley and I went in expecting something a little different. Let’s just say it was a bit more risque (and contained more nudity) than we anticipated. Once the shock sunk in, though, we enjoyed the plot and even had some good discussions about it afterward.




Back at the apartment, we both were on the verge of crashing so dinner was a quick affair. We made kale chips and corn with ingredients from the Union Square farmers market and paired it with dragonfruit and Korean melon from Chinatown. Of course, dessert consisted of leftover cookies.

Having Lesley visit was a blast and made me especially thankful for our friendship. It’s hard to believe we met on our alternative spring break trip and actually became such good friends. Now I just need to convince her to move here after graduation next May.

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Saturday morning came and Lesley hit the ground running…literally. We started out with a 3 mile run along the Hudson before heading to the city. Here’s a rundown of the day’s events:

Checked out the kayaking at Pier 40– we decided to hold off until Sunday since we didn’t have a change of clothes.


Bought a chocolate chip cookies at Jacques Torres for our taste test later.


Explored the West Village and ended up tagging along for part of a pizza tour.


Strolled along Mulberry Street (Little Italy) and explored Chinatown. I had to bring Lesley by Lung Moon Bakery and New York Mart.


Bought veggies at the Union Square farmers market, then tried the cereal milk soft serve at Momofuku Milk Bar.


Stopped by City Bakery to buy another chocolate chip cookie for the taste test.

Visited 30 Rock and showed the plaza to Lesley.


Took the Path back to Hoboken and ate pizza at Grimaldi’s.


We were exhausted, but found it in ourselves to hold the official NYC chocolate chip cookie taste test between Jacques Torres and City Bakery. It was unanimous- Jacques wins! (Jacques Torres’s cookie is on top in the pic)


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A Visitor

I had my first houseguest this past weekend! Lesley came up from Georgia to explore New York for the first time and I was her host. My goal: wear her out and show her as much as possible of my favorite city. I think I succeeded. Here’s what went down on Thursday and Friday. 

Right as I hopped onto the shuttle to leave my office I received a text from Lesley saying that her flight from Atlanta landed in Newark. She flew standby, so the quick arrival took me by surprise, but luckily I was able to run to the store to pick up some ingredients for a delicious zucchini linguine dinner. Over our bowls of delicious veggies we caught up on everything and started to put together a plan for the weekend. 


On Friday I had to work, so Lesley signed up for a 5 hour tour of the city. It ended up being a great decision because she saw a lot of the typical touristy parts of NYC that everyone needs toexperience. After I got off work I met her at Eataly before heading over to Chelsea Market for a walk-through. For dinner we ate Peruvian food at Pio Pio Riko. She had never tried ceviche before, so we split my favorite ceviche and roast chicken with rice and beans. So good! I couldn’t stop eating. 


Back in Hoboken we I showed her the pier and we geared up for all our grand Saturday plans. More to come…

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The Job

I realize more and more everyday how lucky I am to have been hired for my job. Yes, it can be crazy at times (it’s TV, after all), but that’s what makes it fun. I’m also extremely thankful for my coworkers. I truly feel as if I have 10 different mentors because they’re always willing to give me advice, help me out, and give me opportunities to learn and prove myself. My 6 month anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks, which is pretty crazy. Being the type A person that I am, I’m already getting anxious to see where my career path takes me. But, in the meantime, I’m having a blast and certainly don’t want time to speed up. Especially, since winter is next. Ah!

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Have I really not posted anything since my mom and brother came to visit? Oops. I went home for 4th of July weekend and had a bunch of fun with my family. We had friends over for the 4th, went shopping with my mom on Friday, and met my best friend for lunch on Saturday. It rained nonstop, but I still loved just hanging out like in the old days (not that old, but still).

I hit the ground running when I returned. Of course my flight was delayed, so the week started off on a hectic, late note. That Wednesday I met up with some friends for Hoboken’s movie on the pier. We ended up just claiming a spot in the back and talking instead of actually watching the movie. It was a great time, though.


The next night I went out to dinner in the West Village to De Santos. We started with the duck tacos, which were perfectly sweet and savory at the same time. For my entree I got the shrimp citrus salad which was larger than I expected and full of so many fun flavors. Lastly, we ordered apple crisp for dessert. I never order dessert in restaurants so it was a fun treat. Overall, I definitely recommend De Santos.

I finally got a chance to relax and finish the second season of Suits over the weekend. However, Saturday still had an early start because Kaitlyn and I made our way to Brooklyn to meet my high school english teacher at the flea market. I know absolutely nothing about Brooklyn, so of course we got lost and ended up in a funky part of town. But once we made it to our meeting spot we felt safe and had a great time at the market. Such fun, funky stuff everywhere and I even got an Asia Dog for lunch. Specifically I ordered the Ginny (topped with kimchi and nori flakes) with a veggie dog. It was okay, but I won’t be ordering it again in the future.


On our way back to Hoboken we stopped by Union Square to pick up some veggies. This week I bought some apples and radishes.


On Sunday I ran errands throughout the morning, then met a friend in Bryant Park. Overall, it was a relaxing weekend that prepared me for the busy week ahead.


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A Day at Yale

The ultimate point of my family’s visit to NYC was for my brother to attend Yale’s football recruitment camp. So, on Saturday morning we woke up at 4:20 am (after going to bed at 12:30 am) and walked to Grand Central to catch the 5:35 am train to New Haven, CT. Apparently no one on campus cares for football because it was impossible to find anyone who knew where the stadium was. Luckily, we finally found it and stayed to watch my brother for the morning. At lunchtime we parted ways with my brother and found a place for lunch in the downtown area. We plopped ourselves in a small park and devoured our grub.




We spent the afternoon exploring the campus and buying swag from the bookstore. I freaking loved the school! I really wish I had explored more college opportunities- I would have been way happier there than I was at UGA. Anyway, brother got out of camp around 5 pm, so we took the train back into the city and got a bit delirious on the train due to lack of sleep.

Once we got back into the city we stopped at a Red Flame Diner and pigged out. I ordered a delicious egg white omelet with mushrooms and steamed broccoli on the side. There’s just something about diners and omelets that go so perfectly together. Once again, it was a late night, but at least the next morning contained only one item on the agenda.

I woke up pretty early on Sunday, went running, and grabbed bagels to bring to everyone at the hotel. My dad’s best friend from college is a fireman and invited us to ride the fire department’s boat again (he first took us for a ride last summer and it was amazing!). He picked us up at 10 am and drove us to Brooklyn where we hopped onto the boat. Seeing my city from the water makes me love it even more. It’s magnificent to admire the chaos from the outside. Every time I think about all the powerful people and influential companies contained with the island, my mind gets boggled. Hopefully I’ll be one of those people someday.








Danny dropped us off at Union Square after the ride and we claimed a spot to watch the Gay Pride Parade.

6.30.1327 6.30.1329 6.30.1332 6.30.1333

It was pretty hot outside and we were all incredibly tired, so we left before it ended. What a whirlwind of a weekend, but it was a blast. Now I’m back in Atlanta for the fourth of July and ready to relax.

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Ferries and Pizza

Wow, I finally got a minute to breath. Last weekend was busy, to say the least. On Thursday I got the crazy news that my boss got an incredible offer from another company in Boston and will be moving in a few weeks. She’s been the best boss that I could hope for. I’m truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a successful and admirable woman and receive such meaningful advice from her. Is it bad that I’m already planning a trip to Boston to visit? 

After work my boss and I took a car into the city for a client dinner at The General. The restaurant’s decor was so unique and loud, I wish I could have taken a picture. Once the group all arrived we took our cocktails to our table and enjoyed the plentiful appetizers being placed in front of us. My favorites were the ribbon of tuna and the Philly peppersteak sweet buns. I tried to leave enough room for my entree, but it was tough. I ordered the Bourbon-Miso Chilean Bass, which was so incredibly tender with a hint of sweetness. I polished my plate clean and enjoyed every bite. My first client dinner was a success! I had a great time meeting people from all over the country and the food was amazing too! Hopefully I’ll be able to attend more in the upcoming months. 

On Friday I left the office early to meet up with my mom, brother, brother’s girlfriend, and her mom. They all arrived on Thursday morning, so I was eager to finally hang out with them. I ended up meeting them in Chinatown where they grabbed a late lunch and I snagged some goodies from Lung Moon Bakery. After pigging out on Chinese food, we hopped on the subway to Battery Park where we took a ride on the Staten Island Ferry- it’s free! I love being out on the water.


It was getting late once we got back to Manhattan, so we made our way straight to Hoboken where I showed them the waterfront and took them to Grimaldi’s for pizza. It was so delicious, I had two slices.


Afterwards, we all went back into Manhattan because we would have to hop onto the 5:35 am train on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t get back to the hotel until 12:30 am, so we were all in a zombie-like state for the rest of the weekend. The rest to come later…..

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