Running Forward


on July 15, 2013

Have I really not posted anything since my mom and brother came to visit? Oops. I went home for 4th of July weekend and had a bunch of fun with my family. We had friends over for the 4th, went shopping with my mom on Friday, and met my best friend for lunch on Saturday. It rained nonstop, but I still loved just hanging out like in the old days (not that old, but still).

I hit the ground running when I returned. Of course my flight was delayed, so the week started off on a hectic, late note. That Wednesday I met up with some friends for Hoboken’s movie on the pier. We ended up just claiming a spot in the back and talking instead of actually watching the movie. It was a great time, though.


The next night I went out to dinner in the West Village to De Santos. We started with the duck tacos, which were perfectly sweet and savory at the same time. For my entree I got the shrimp citrus salad which was larger than I expected and full of so many fun flavors. Lastly, we ordered apple crisp for dessert. I never order dessert in restaurants so it was a fun treat. Overall, I definitely recommend De Santos.

I finally got a chance to relax and finish the second season of Suits over the weekend. However, Saturday still had an early start because Kaitlyn and I made our way to Brooklyn to meet my high school english teacher at the flea market. I know absolutely nothing about Brooklyn, so of course we got lost and ended up in a funky part of town. But once we made it to our meeting spot we felt safe and had a great time at the market. Such fun, funky stuff everywhere and I even got an Asia Dog for lunch. Specifically I ordered the Ginny (topped with kimchi and nori flakes) with a veggie dog. It was okay, but I won’t be ordering it again in the future.


On our way back to Hoboken we stopped by Union Square to pick up some veggies. This week I bought some apples and radishes.


On Sunday I ran errands throughout the morning, then met a friend in Bryant Park. Overall, it was a relaxing weekend that prepared me for the busy week ahead.



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