Running Forward

A Visitor

on July 22, 2013

I had my first houseguest this past weekend! Lesley came up from Georgia to explore New York for the first time and I was her host. My goal: wear her out and show her as much as possible of my favorite city. I think I succeeded. Here’s what went down on Thursday and Friday. 

Right as I hopped onto the shuttle to leave my office I received a text from Lesley saying that her flight from Atlanta landed in Newark. She flew standby, so the quick arrival took me by surprise, but luckily I was able to run to the store to pick up some ingredients for a delicious zucchini linguine dinner. Over our bowls of delicious veggies we caught up on everything and started to put together a plan for the weekend. 


On Friday I had to work, so Lesley signed up for a 5 hour tour of the city. It ended up being a great decision because she saw a lot of the typical touristy parts of NYC that everyone needs toexperience. After I got off work I met her at Eataly before heading over to Chelsea Market for a walk-through. For dinner we ate Peruvian food at Pio Pio Riko. She had never tried ceviche before, so we split my favorite ceviche and roast chicken with rice and beans. So good! I couldn’t stop eating. 


Back in Hoboken we I showed her the pier and we geared up for all our grand Saturday plans. More to come…


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