Running Forward


on July 24, 2013

Saturday morning came and Lesley hit the ground running…literally. We started out with a 3 mile run along the Hudson before heading to the city. Here’s a rundown of the day’s events:

Checked out the kayaking at Pier 40– we decided to hold off until Sunday since we didn’t have a change of clothes.


Bought a chocolate chip cookies at Jacques Torres for our taste test later.


Explored the West Village and ended up tagging along for part of a pizza tour.


Strolled along Mulberry Street (Little Italy) and explored Chinatown. I had to bring Lesley by Lung Moon Bakery and New York Mart.


Bought veggies at the Union Square farmers market, then tried the cereal milk soft serve at Momofuku Milk Bar.


Stopped by City Bakery to buy another chocolate chip cookie for the taste test.

Visited 30 Rock and showed the plaza to Lesley.


Took the Path back to Hoboken and ate pizza at Grimaldi’s.


We were exhausted, but found it in ourselves to hold the official NYC chocolate chip cookie taste test between Jacques Torres and City Bakery. It was unanimous- Jacques wins! (Jacques Torres’s cookie is on top in the pic)



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