Running Forward

In the Water, On the Stage

on July 26, 2013

So, Lesley and I packed in a full day on Saturday, so we kept Sunday a little more low-key. I started with a run along the river, then arrived back home just as Lesley was waking up. We both ate breakfast and got ourselves together with enough time for a quick trip to the grocery store. Having a second person there to help me carry everything was amazing! After putting the food away we grabbed our things and went back to Pier 40. We were fully prepared for kayaking this time, so we enjoyed a few laps around the pier while taking in the beautiful scenery.




We ended up buying tickets to see the 3 pm showing of The Nance on Broadway, so we walked to Times Square to eat a quick lunch at Green Symphony. The hot bar was smaller than usual since it was Sunday, but everything was still delicious. I got a mix of hot bar items plus a cup of butternut squash soup. Lesley grabbed a true NYC hot dog from a stand outside and also had some items from the hot bar. After finishing up, though, she bought a vegan banana blueberry bar which was delicious!

Green Symphony

Green Symphony- blueberry banana bar


One of the reasons I really wanted to see The Nance was the lead actor, Nathan Lane. He’s always been one of my favorites, especially in The Birdcage. The play was enjoyable and very though-provoking, but Lesley and I went in expecting something a little different. Let’s just say it was a bit more risque (and contained more nudity) than we anticipated. Once the shock sunk in, though, we enjoyed the plot and even had some good discussions about it afterward.




Back at the apartment, we both were on the verge of crashing so dinner was a quick affair. We made kale chips and corn with ingredients from the Union Square farmers market and paired it with dragonfruit and Korean melon from Chinatown. Of course, dessert consisted of leftover cookies.

Having Lesley visit was a blast and made me especially thankful for our friendship. It’s hard to believe we met on our alternative spring break trip and actually became such good friends. Now I just need to convince her to move here after graduation next May.


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