Running Forward

Yankees and a Great View

on August 16, 2013

Time to recap last weekend. I had a friend from Georgia in town on Saturday AND he had tickets to the Yankees game! I woke up early (of course), went running, and made my way to the stadium. It was so nice getting to catch up and enjoy the beautiful weather. Really the perfect day for a game. Too bad the Yankees lost though. 


After the game we explored a bit, starting in Chinatown. I brought Griffin to my favorite spots, including Lung Moon, then we walked through Little Italy. Afterwards we made the trek to Union Square, then up to Eataly. So glad I got to show off my town a bit! 


On Sunday I met up with two more Georgia guys at a great little diner, Odessa, in Alphabet Town. We all got omelets (mine was only $5!) and couldn’t get over the incredible prices. Yum. 


Once again the weather was beautiful, so we walked down to their apartment in the Financial District. I couldn’t get over the incredible view! So jealous!




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