Running Forward

Labor Day

on September 7, 2013

Last Friday I literally ran 17 blocks down 8 Avenue after work to catch the train to Holmdel. I spent the weekend with my cousins for a much-needed visit. I hung out with my Aunt Carol when I arrived, then ran some errands with Aunt Linda before an impromptu family dinner back at Carol’s house. We had a big salad, lentil soup, and pizza. Random, but delicious! And I love just getting together with the family. 

On Saturday morning I went running then got my hair cut in the morning. We were having a big family cookout that afternoon, so I spent the rest of the afternoon helping Linda with all the cooking and prepping. Specifically, peeling potatoes, creating a giant salad, cooking the green beans, and baking banana bread. Everyone finally started arriving around 3:30 and we feasted soon after. I love our family get-togethers!




After dessert my cousins and some friends all went out for a night on Jersey Shore. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was pretty fun. We danced to the DJ’s music and tried to avoid the creepers that seemed to surround all the girls. So different from UGA where girls have to fight over the guys. 




I ended up going to bed at 2 am after our night out, so Sunday was a day to recover. Of course, my body’s internal clock woke me up bright and early at 6:30 am, so I basically got 4 hours of sleep. I went running, ate breakfast, went to Target, then came home to find my cousins and some of their friends hanging out by the pool. I brought my magazine down by the pool and read while the guys splashed around. Later, we all piled onto the couch in the living room and watched V for Vendetta. What a cool movie! 

Some of the girls joined us after the movie for a bonfire. I love hanging out with my cousins and their friends. It amazes me how nice everyone is up here. I know it may sound crazy, but it’s easier getting to know people up north. The whole process is less of a game and more genuine than the south. It may sound mean, but it’s just my personal observation. 

On Monday I took an afternoon train back to Hoboken, bought my groceries, then prepped for the week. What a great weekend!


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