Running Forward

Hotel Tortuga

on September 17, 2013

Last summer I passed a cute restaurant, Hotel Tortuga, every single day to and from work. I knew I should I have tried it since it was so close to where I stayed, but the summer ended too soon. Fast forward to this past weekend and I finally had my first Hotel Tortuga experience. To start, the decor is cozy yet whimsical. The owners want you to feel like you’re in a hotel in Acapulco.


While we waited for our third diner to arrive we helped ourselves to the chips and salsa that the restaurants makes in-house and are self-serve. The salsa was so fresh and it was obvious that it never came from a jar. For my entree I ordered the Green Torturga Burrito as a bowl. I also swapped out the rice and had extra lettuce instead. The portion size was quite large and the pozole a fun change from typical Mexican food. The hominy was a filling addition, but the black beans were a bit salty so I only had a few bites. Overall, I would definitely eat here again- the prices are hard to beat!



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