Running Forward

A New Apartment

on September 22, 2013

My current lease ends at the end of October, so I’ve been searching like a mad person for my future home. After a good number of …interesting email exchanges, failed plans, and massive amounts of anxiety I finally found a new place. The past couple of weeks have been filled with some disappointment (nothing too major, but it just kept piling up), so I’m happy for my luck to take a step in the right direction. At first I was set on finding a place in Manhattan and wouldn’t consider anywhere else. The rent sucks, but I figured if other people can do it I can too. As my search progressed, however, I started leaning back towards my cute little town of Hoboken. I love living here, could find a place closer to the Path station, and save up for a while longer. My new home’s location is extremely desirable and it’s actually a real person apartment. It will be the first true nice apartment I’ve ever lived in. So excited!

On another note I need to go prep some food for the upcoming week- including my first big batch of soup for the season. Last week I cooked up some delicious comfort food for my friends in Fidi (aka The Financial District). I started by making a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough on Friday night using the Jacques Torres recipe with a few modifications. I didn’t need the cookies until Sunday, so I wrapped the dough in plastic wrap and stored in the fridge. On Saturday I put together the most amazing mac ‘n cheese I’ve ever made. I started by boiling the elbow macaroni, then setting it aside while I prepared the béchamel. By the way, never rinse your pasta! For the sauce I melted a chunk of butter then added a sprinkling of flour to create a roux. A minute later I added some milk and let the temperature rise to the point that cheese would be able to melt easily in the liquid. I added a block of white cheddar, fresh mozzarella, brie, and cream cheese along with a squirt of dijon mustard, garlic powder, pepper, and a little paprika for a subtle kick. It took a few minutes for all the cheese to melt, but as soon as it turned into a smooth, creamy sauce I turned off the heat, added the macaroni, and stirred in a sauteed onion. I poured the entire mixture into a baking dish, then sprinkled it with breadcrumbs. Normally you would bake it right away, but I stuck it in the fridge so that I could bake it on Sunday along with the cookies. Both were big hits and hopefully a taste of home for my friends. I love cooking good food for good people. 





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