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NYC Wine and Food Festival!

My last post left off quite a bit ago, so let me list the highlights that have happened since then.

  • Went on a wild goose chase in Times Square for my boss’s boss’s lost phone.
  • Went to meet my car after the wild goose chase and walked right into a flash Paul McCartney concert. It was the end of the concert, but he exited the stage literally right in front of me (3 feet away) and we totally made eye contact. My Dad was so jealous.
  • Went to a fun networking event at 30 Rock after work one night.
  • Plenty of shopping
  • More soup

Now onto the best part- I went to a NYC Wine and Food Festival event last night! Attending the festival has been on my bucket list for quite some time now, so I was beyond excited when my boss gave me tickets. She’s so freaking nice, which makes me love my job even more. The specific event was called Meatpacking Uncorked and featured local restaurants, food trucks, and boutiques. I met my friend, Tulika, at the check-in point where we received a map of all the participating business and items to taste. We quickly made a game plan and set off for our feast. Here’s what we tasted (I managed to get pics of almost everything, but not quite).

  • Bagatelle: tuna tartare

The tuna was incredibly fresh and the restaurant’s presentation was great. They event gave everyone some biscotti to-go.


  • Macelleria: polenta with bolognese ragu

I was a grits lover growing up, so naturally I’m a fan of polenta too. This bolognese ragu was very flavorful, but a bit greasy. Still delicious though.


  • Old Traditional Polish Cuisine: pierogis (one filled with meat, the other filled with sauerkraut)

I’m a big sauerkraut fan, but surprisingly I liked the meat pierogi better. This was actually my first experience was the dumplings and I wasn’t really a fan. They were okay, but nothing special.


  • Rouge Tomate’s Cart in the Park: squash soup

The squash soup was tasty with a hint of sweetness due to cinnamon and apples included in the recipe.


  • Shorty’s Authentic Philly Steaks & Sandwiches: cheesesteak with whiz and fried onions

This sandwich tied with the pork bun and brownie for first place. I’m ashamed to admit that the cheese whiz was a great addition.


  • All Saints (clothing store): Gancia Asti (a delicious sparkling wine)
  • Momos and Buns: barbecue pork bun

Like I just stated, this definitely tied for first place. The bun was fluffy and doughy at the same time and the pork filling was so good!


  • Mexico Blvd: pastor taco

The taco contained roasted pork, pineapple, cilantro, and salsa verde wrapped inside a corn tortilla. The pork was good, but a bit spicy for me. Poor Tulika asked for the spicy sauce and couldn’t handle more than a bite.

  • Le Pain Quotidien: beet tartare tartine, tuna nicoise tartine, speculoos cookie, and mini belgian brownie

I have to preface this by saying that I was way too excited when I saw what I thought was “beef tartare” on the event guide. The idea of eating raw beef is so foreign to me since I grew up with a mom who overcooked every single piece of meat due to her phobia of food poisoning. I guess eating a piece of raw beef is my way of being rebellious. Anyway, I thought that the tartare’s color was suspiciously bright but bit right in anyway. I immediately noticed that it tasted just like beets and reread the guide more carefully. “Beet tartare”, not “beef tartare”. I had a bite of Tulika’s tuna nicoise tartine, which was great. We also split a speculoos cookie and a mini belgian brownie. The cookie was good, but I like my cookies hot out of the oven. The brownie, however, was amazing! So fudgey but not greasy at all. Yum!


  • Chelsea Market Baskets: brie and another cheese whose name I can’t remember, but was made with vegetable ash- both delicious! and Cocobon Red Blend
  • Mike ‘n Willies: fish taco

The fish inside the taco was fried and quite greasy and by this point I was a little concerned with how my stomach was going to handle all the rich food I ate. So, I ended up eating the fish without the breading and my gosh it was so fresh! The sauce on top was also amazing!

  • Gorilla Cheese NYC: grilled cheese and a tater tot

By this point in the night the food truck ran out of the beef short rib pieces that were supposed to be included inside the grilled cheese, so mine just had a filling of american cheese. Overall the sandwich was nothing special but it reminded me of the grilled cheese I ate when I was younger so I gobbled it up. The tot was good too.


  • Earnest Sewn (clothing store): Cupcake Chardonnay
  • STK Meatpacking: grilled hanger steak with pumpkin puree

I’m not a steak person at all, but the pumpkin puree included with the bite was amazing! Definitely a smart pairing.

In addition to everything above Sabra also had a food truck where they were giving away sample packs. Tulika and I passed them at least four times and scored a ton of hummus. My fridge is stocked up for quite a while now.

The festival was a blast and turned out to be the perfect event for me since everything was a sample size. I feel better about indulging in all the not-so-heathy foods when it’s a bite of this and bite of that. Overall, though, the ingredients were extremely fresh and not too heavy. I’m already planning to attend again next year.


Now for the next step in my life: moving yet again. Ugh.

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Apples, Soup, and Purple Hair

Well, it looks like a couple of weeks slipped by without any new posts. Luckily, it’s been a good couple of weeks full of lots of soup. And I mean lots. Last weekend I stayed with the cousins and actually managed to cover 8 miles during my run on Saturday morning. Definitely wasn’t planning on it and definitely didn’t think I could do it. Later that afternoon I went apple picking for the first time at Eastmont Orchards. I loved hanging out with the little cousins and family friends. I’m thankful that I have a home away home if that makes sense. I can’t fly home to Atlanta often, so it’s wonderful to have my extended family up here to compensate. I seriously couldn’t survive without them. Anyway, we picked butt loads of apples then went to my aunt and uncle’s house for a big family dinner. One of the highlights had to be my uncle’s apple dessert. It was like an upside down pie- so delicious! I also baked an apple cake to bring to work on Monday. It turned out to be a huge hit, so I highly recommend the recipe!


I took the train back to home sweet Hoboken on Sunday morning in order to have enough time to finish my errands before meeting my boss for a work dinner in Greenwich Village. We went to Waverly Inn, which was fantastic! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures since we were there with clients, but the food was perfect. I got the Bronx cocktail, which was tasty but I don’t quite remember what was in it. Then the table (5 of us total) split an order of truffle fries- so crispy. For my appetizer I ordered the special salad made of field greens, hazelnuts, blue cheese, and pears. They served a balsamic reduction on the side as a dressing. All of the ingredients were so fresh and perfectly proportioned. For my entree I ordered the sea scallops, which came served atop roasted cauliflower. The scallops themselves tasted just like lobster! Much to my delight the other women were game for splitting some desserts between the table, so we ordered the doubled crusted apple pie (with frozen Greek yogurt and honeycomb) and the flourless chocolate cake (served with vanilla ice cream, graham crackers, and toasted marshmallows). The apple pie was the winner in my book. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful boss who truly cares about me. Just makes me love my job even more. 


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