Running Forward

From Ice to Snow

What another amazing week! I’ve been on overdrive because of all the work events this month coupled with other fun Christmas things around the city. Not to mention I completely suck at Christmas shopping. Absolutely hopeless. Complete lost cause. So, anyway, we got a bit of a snowstorm at the beginning of the week, which thrilled me. I’m still not used to actually seeing snow, especially around Christmas. 

On Wednesday we had our company holiday party, which turned out to be a blast! Part one consisted of lunch inside the Cellar Bar at the Bryant Park Hotel accompanied by a photobooth, caricature artist, and raffles. I felt like I was hanging out inside a castle. 



Part two brought us to Minus 5 Ice Bar. Definitely the highlight of the day! People let loose and weren’t shy about their dance moves or ridiculous winter coats and hats. I even danced with all the execs and took pics showing off our faux fur. 


On Friday Sam gave me last minute tickets to the Jingle Ball! I honestly didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never attended such a big concert featuring so many artists. I took Kaitlyn with me and we had a blast dancing and laughing about how old we felt. Honestly, it was one of the first moments I felt like an oldie because I had no idea who a few of the up-and-coming teen boppers were. But as soon as Fall Out Boy played some of their old hits Kaitlyn and I jumped out of our seats to dance only to find that we were literally the only ones who knew the songs. Ha! The lineup included the following people: 

Jason Derulo

Fifth Harmony (one of the groups we didn’t know- too old)

Selena Gomez

Fall Out Boy

Austin Mahone (another guy we’re too old for)

Ariana Grande (didn’t know her, but, darn, she can sing!)

R. Kelly (a surprise performance!)

Pitbull (highlight of the concert!)

Robin Thicke

Enrique Iglesias


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Miley Cyrus



In addition to all the fun music I was thrilled that Sam and my cousin Alexis both got to sneak out from backstage to say hey. And I’m proud to say that I stayed up until 1:30 am- a big accomplishment for me (and another reason I’m old). Luckily today was a cozy snow day, so I just did my grocery shopping, ran some errands, and had a good work out at the gym. Looking forward to another day with snow tomorrow. Gotta love it! 


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Hit the Ground Sprinting

I flew back into Hoboken last Saturday and hit the ground running. December is a crazy month for my team and this week certainly contributed. It all started on Sunday with a wonderful dinner out in Hoboken, then a taping of Watch What Happens Live (my first!). The show is indeed live, so taping didn’t begin until 11:00 pm, past my usual bedtime. But staying up until 12:30 am was well worth it! The show was a blast and the guests and Andy were hilarious!


After a busy day of work on Monday I went to yet another taping; Inside the Actors Studio this time. The guests were Bruce and Laura Dern. I didn’t know too much about Bruce, so I zoned out a bit when he started rambling on, but Laura was great. I learned so much about her career and really enjoyed her stories of growing up in a “Hollywood family”.


I finally had some time to relax on Tuesday, so that’s that.

Wednesday was a blast because of the tree lighting. My schedule worked out perfectly because I had a meeting in the Chrysler building that afternoon and simply walked back to Rockefeller Center afterwards with my boss. By the time I got to our part of the building I was already in Christmas mode and pretty much wrapped up my work for the day. We broke out the champagne, nibbled on snacks, and had a great time while waiting for the much-anticipated tree lighting.


Thursday ended up being a free night, but was a busy day because my entire department had a meeting in the city. I swear I’ve crossed the NJ/NY border so many freaking times since I moved here.

Now it’s the weekend and I’m excited to have a fairly open schedule. I just need to get groceries, go to the gym, and get some Christmas shopping done. And watch the SEC championship game tomorrow! I think I’m rooting for Auburn.

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A Week at Home

Thanksgiving week was the first time I was back in Georgia for an entire week since I moved back in January. I loved hanging out with the family, seeing some friends, cooking dinner for everyone, and, of course, our annual Thanksgiving traditions. I did some running, but it was actually quite cold so I ended up going to a great kickboxing class with one of my mom’s friends. It was fantastic! The name of the studio is Choe’s Hapkido and I definitely recommend it. The instructors were great and I was so incredibly sore the next day. I also loved their playlist!




Thanksgiving Day consisted of an early workout, parade-watching (Go NBC!), cooking, and gathering at the Addison house for the big meal. We ate, my Dad and I dominated at corn hole, then we ate some more. For our feast I contributed roasted veggies (sweet potatoes, Japanese sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, and bell peppers), pumpkin spice rice krispie treats, and a sort of apple crisp. Fun times for all!


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