Running Forward

Hit the Ground Sprinting

on December 6, 2013

I flew back into Hoboken last Saturday and hit the ground running. December is a crazy month for my team and this week certainly contributed. It all started on Sunday with a wonderful dinner out in Hoboken, then a taping of Watch What Happens Live (my first!). The show is indeed live, so taping didn’t begin until 11:00 pm, past my usual bedtime. But staying up until 12:30 am was well worth it! The show was a blast and the guests and Andy were hilarious!


After a busy day of work on Monday I went to yet another taping; Inside the Actors Studio this time. The guests were Bruce and Laura Dern. I didn’t know too much about Bruce, so I zoned out a bit when he started rambling on, but Laura was great. I learned so much about her career and really enjoyed her stories of growing up in a “Hollywood family”.


I finally had some time to relax on Tuesday, so that’s that.

Wednesday was a blast because of the tree lighting. My schedule worked out perfectly because I had a meeting in the Chrysler building that afternoon and simply walked back to Rockefeller Center afterwards with my boss. By the time I got to our part of the building I was already in Christmas mode and pretty much wrapped up my work for the day. We broke out the champagne, nibbled on snacks, and had a great time while waiting for the much-anticipated tree lighting.


Thursday ended up being a free night, but was a busy day because my entire department had a meeting in the city. I swear I’ve crossed the NJ/NY border so many freaking times since I moved here.

Now it’s the weekend and I’m excited to have a fairly open schedule. I just need to get groceries, go to the gym, and get some Christmas shopping done. And watch the SEC championship game tomorrow! I think I’m rooting for Auburn.


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