Running Forward

Leading up to Easter

Welp…I’ve really fallen behind again. I’ve definitely had a lot of fun since my trip to Detroit and am getting ready for my first visit to LA next week. I’ll be out there for an entire week and am going to make sure I use all my free time to explore and meet up with friends. In fact, I’ve already scheduled coffee with a great family friend, hiking with a school friend, and a karaoke party in Koreatown. Let’s talk about this weekend, though.

Friday: The office was empty, which always leads to a more productive day than usual. Work was CRAZY this week due to so many urgent projects colliding at once, so it was nice to tackle my to-do list without much interruption. Also, one of my office friends was heading home to the Jersey Shore and offered to drive me to my cousins’ house as well. So awesome! And car rides are always perfect for good chats. After a few more hours of work in Holmdel the family gathered for an Italian dinner at Rigoletto’s. The Italian restaurants here are out of this world- always small, family-owned, and so cozy. Not to mention the abundance of scrumptious food. After our end-of-the-meal coffee we made our way back home, jumped into our PJs, and just relaxed. Perfect ending to a hectic week.

Saturday: Of course, I was up at the crack of dawn, so I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and went for a good run. The weather was perfect! After showering and getting myself ready for the day I made a batch of biscotti for my shuttle driver at work (next week will be my last week riding with him!) and went to the mall with my cousin. On the drive there we reminisced about the beach and m

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