Running Forward

Sick Day Musings

on January 22, 2015

I officially jinxed myself. During my team meeting at work on Tuesday I proudly told everyone that I never get sick. Two days later, BOOM, I have strep throat. First time in almost ten years! I’m the kind of person who never goes to the doctor since I had such crappy health insurance growing up. But my new corporate plan is awesome, so I’m becoming a doctor-going citizen finally! My mom convinced me to go to an urgent care clinic, so I went to AstraCare Urgent Care in downtown Hoboken- highly recommended!

As soon as I walked in the staff was very helpful and friendly and I noticed how clean and new the space looked. It’s been there a year, but is furnished quite nicely and is a comfy place to have to wait when you feel like crap (and it was delightfully warm instead of cold like a typical doctors office). By the end of my appointment I had a flu test, strep test, and a finger prick to test for mono. First time I’ve had my finger pricked actually. To make a long story shorter, I have strep. Boo.

I was feeling a little better since i had breakfast right before leaving the apartment, but then came Walgreens. I had to wait around 30 minutes for my prescription and genuinely thought I was going to die (not to be too dramatic or anything). I was shivering, thirsty, and thinking about how I should put together a makeshift will on my iPhone. I somehow stumbled 3 blocks home after finally getting my meds and spent the day answering emails/phone calls, consuming cough drops, and watching my fair share of TV. Did you know Kix revolutionized breakfast cereal because of its manufacturing process? Yeah, me neither.

I somehow managed to make myself a huge pot of soup, which should come in handy tomorrow since my Friday is looking the same. So, now I end my day with a viewing of Pretty Woman and thinking about how great Julia Roberts makes it seem to be a prostitute. I mean, she ends up with Richard Gere and a pretty bad ass wardrobe. Come on, writers, get a little bit more realistic next time.

Now enjoy this video. I did.


One response to “Sick Day Musings

  1. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather, Kels :/ Feel better stat!!

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