Running Forward


on January 24, 2015

Let’s rewind back a bit to New Year’s Eve. I stayed in with one of my roommates and cooked us a delicious and healthy dinner to ring in 2015. The star of the show was a roasted chicken and the supporting cast included smoky collard greens and black-eyed pea salad. Let’s start with the chicken for now.

I roasted chicken years ago while I was still living with my parents, but it had always been a team effort. So, this day marked my first time going solo with the bird. I went with one that was around 4.5 pounds (actually one of the smallest ones I could find at my store) and pumped myself up for a new cooking venture. (Ignore the fact that I look like a bum in the picture)

I first patted the bird dry over the sink and had a bit of a moment when all the organs and neck plopped out, but that was an easy clean up. Once the bird was dry I set it onto the rack I found and filled the inside with chopped onion, garlic, and some orange segments. To keep everything from falling out in the oven I tied the chicken’s legs together with some string. Then, I rubbed minced garlic underneath the skin along with salt, lemon/pepper seasoning, and orange slices. Right before I put it into the oven I also rubbed the outside of the skin with some olive oil to crisp it up. I’m not a skin fan, but still wanted it to look pretty.

Then I slid the bird into my preheated 350 degree oven and let it cook for about 20 minutes before basting with some of the cooking juices and chicken broth. I continued basting every 20 minutes or so until the bird was fully cooked, which took about two hours. I turned up the heat very high right before taking out the bird in order to get the skin to brown a bit. Once I took the chicken out to rest I was thrilled with how it came out. The white meat was incredibly tender and juicy while the dark meat was delicious as always. And, as a bonus, the apartment smelled amazing.

I had leftovers for a week and plan on roasting another bird in the not-so-distant future. Maybe next time I’ll be able to find some cornish hens.


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  1. […] You might have seen my post from New Year’s Eve when I roasted a chicken for the first time in a loooonnnnggg time. Luckily it turned out delicious, but I have to admit a lot of my technique was guesswork. Last weekend I decided to give it another go and had even greater success! I’m only going to go over a few tips this time since I went over the whole process here. […]

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