Running Forward

Two Year Anniversary

on January 26, 2015

It just hit me- today marks my two year anniversary of moving to NJ. Looking back at the past two years makes me realize how quickly time flies and how much I’m still changing and discovering what I want from life.

Most notably, though, these past two years have been my happiest years yet. I tend to rant and rave about my dislike for the South and life in Georgia (sorry, everyone), but it’s just because NY is the first place that made me feel like I belong. I was always the odd man out in the south and never fit in with a specific clique. Even in college I struggled to find my place and always felt overly self-conscious and awkward. Perhaps the most unsettling feeling was being surrounded by people all the time (classes, social functions, etc.) yet never feeling more alone.

Let’s turn this around now- flash forward to January 26th, 2013. I’m taking my first one way flight by myself with two suitcases containing the contents of my life. I was excited, but also incredibly terrified. I had never met my boss, never stepped foot in my office, and didn’t have a permanent place to live. Luckily, it ended up being the best decision of my life. I quickly adapted to my new surroundings (lots to learn about dressing for winter), learned my way around, and took comfort in the fact that nothing is permanent. Whenever I got overwhelmed I simply told myself that I could change the situation if I really wanted to, nothing is set in stone (except death and taxes, right?). Thank goodness I loved my job, figured out an apartment situation, and started trying to meet people. It took a good year to feel truly settled and make a good group of friends, but it was a very productive year.

Now that things are comfortably in place (except my love life, but that’s a whole different story) I find myself trying to figure out why I’m so much happier here. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Anything Goes: You can do almost anything and nobody will think twice about it. As long as you’re confident, people will respect you.
  • NYC is huge: I was always used to being a small fish in a small pond, so being the small fish in a giant ocean feels nicer. Even celebrities find that they can blend in with the crowd.
  • Opportunities: I really lucked out with my job and savor being one of the youngest people in the department. At times my inexperience frustrates me, but I learn a tremendous amount every day. My boss is incredible and allows me to own some great projects and lets me take part in anything I’m interested in.
  • Meeting People: My position is unique in that I get to interact with some of the most influential people in cable on an almost-daily basis. Talking one-on-one with them might be my favorite part of the job because they have so much advice and wisdom to offer. I also love getting to interact with our “talent” and learning about their worlds. I even found a great mentor in one!
  • Life is Fast: People walk faster, drive faster, talk faster, and I love it. I’m a high-anxiety person who doesn’t like to have a lot of free time, so this environment fits me well for now.

Well, that’s probably enough for now. I know it’s cheesy to say, but if anyone struggling with his/her current situation reads this, just remember that nothing is permanent. I never thought I could be so happy, but I am. It happened. I truly love the person I have become and savor the fact that I’m still young and have countless adventures ahead of me.

So, happy anniversary, NJ! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Hopefully more snow! 🙂



One response to “Two Year Anniversary

  1. Mike Purpura says:

    You’ve got real writing talent! Very, very good! Keep writing and save all you write!

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