Running Forward

New Years Resolutions

on March 2, 2015

Now that we’re two months into 2015 I think it’s safe to check in on my New Years resolutions to see how I’m doing so far. I used to set concrete goals for myself each January, but have changed my tune the past few years. I prefer to have some guidelines to live by and simply use the new year as a reminder to keep them up. Less pressure.

Step Out of my Comfort Zone Regularly

It’s practically impossible to make it through life without stepping out of your comfort zone, but making it a regular habit tends to result in more opportunities and experiences I would otherwise miss out on. I always had terrible social anxiety in middle school and high school, so I try particularly hard to focus on improving that aspect of my life. My job tends to place me into social situations where I may have nothing in common with the people I’m entertaining or may not know anyone at all. Being able to use my nerves to my advantage has helped tremendously. Of course, there are countless ways to challenge yourself so that’s why I like having this goal as an everyday reminder. There’s constant room for opportunity to better myself.

Be able to Rely Solely on Myself

I know this goal sounds terribly cynical, but it’s not- I promise. I have an amazing support system (shout out to my family especially), but it’s a struggle sometimes being a perpetually single girl. I’m very happy with my life right now, but it can be frustrating when so many of my college and high school friends are getting engaged by the minute. Seeing them achieve something I have practically no control over (my love life) makes me doubt myself occasionally. So this goal is simply a reminder to appreciate the state I’m in and not dwell on things I’m not meant to have yet. I’ve learned to enjoy my alone time and not take dating so seriously. As long as I’m happy and having fun, then I’m good!

Build my Financial Portfolio

Now that my career is on track I want to make sure I’m building a good financial foundation for myself. Shortly after moving to NY I put together an Excel document to track every penny I made and spent each month. It’s tedious at times, but knowing where my money goes really puts me at ease. I’m also getting into the investment game and purchased my first batch of stocks recently. Thanks to my dad, the self-help book guru, I have plenty of reading material about Warren Buffet, saving for retirement, and building my wealth through investments. Let’s hope it all pays off so I can buy that penthouse overlooking Central Park someday! (Although I’m pretty sure I would still need a sugar daddy to be able to afford that)

These are my top three everyday resolutions and so far I’m doing pretty well. And how crazy is it that March is already here?! This year is already flying.


2 responses to “New Years Resolutions

  1. All great goals, Kels! I’m right there with you on no. 2. I keep wondering if I’m behind on life when I notice the flurry of engagements and marriages, but when I actually look at my life I realize I am totally, totally golden and eating up all this time I have to myself 🙂

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