Running Forward

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

on March 6, 2015

You might have seen my post from New Year’s Eve when I roasted a chicken for the first time in a loooonnnnggg time. Luckily it turned out delicious, but I have to admit a lot of my technique was guesswork. Last weekend I decided to give it another go and had even greater success! I’m only going to go over a few tips this time since I went over the whole process here.

  • Pat the chicken dry before seasoning and stuffing
  • I placed orange peels and onion inside the cavity. Because I always forget to get some twine, I just used some rolled up tin foil to keep the legs together. Janky, but it worked!
  • Always separate the skin on top of the chicken and stuff with your favorite herbs, spices, etc. I used sliced onion, orange peels, minced garlic, and a roasted garlic seasoning I’ve been loving lately. Be generous with everything since it’s only between the skin and meat instead of inside the meat. I included the picture  below so you get the idea a bit.


  • I left the wings out since I’m not a huge wing fan, but tuck them next to the bird if you want to keep them nice and juicy.
  • The biggest issue I have is with timing. I grew up with a mom who overcooked everything because of her extreme food poisoning paranoia, so I’m overly concerned with overcooking my meat. The chicken probably could have used more time in the oven, but I pulled it out after 1.5 hours. Note to self: buy a meat thermometer.
  • Skin freaks me out, but if you’re a fan turn the oven up to 450 for a few minutes right at the end of cooking to make it nice and crispy.

2.28.15 2

There you have it! Now go and roast a chicken for yourself.


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