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Sick Day Musings

I officially jinxed myself. During my team meeting at work on Tuesday I proudly told everyone that I never get sick. Two days later, BOOM, I have strep throat. First time in almost ten years! I’m the kind of person who never goes to the doctor since I had such crappy health insurance growing up. But my new corporate plan is awesome, so I’m becoming a doctor-going citizen finally! My mom convinced me to go to an urgent care clinic, so I went to AstraCare Urgent Care in downtown Hoboken- highly recommended!

As soon as I walked in the staff was very helpful and friendly and I noticed how clean and new the space looked. It’s been there a year, but is furnished quite nicely and is a comfy place to have to wait when you feel like crap (and it was delightfully warm instead of cold like a typical doctors office). By the end of my appointment I had a flu test, strep test, and a finger prick to test for mono. First time I’ve had my finger pricked actually. To make a long story shorter, I have strep. Boo.

I was feeling a little better since i had breakfast right before leaving the apartment, but then came Walgreens. I had to wait around 30 minutes for my prescription and genuinely thought I was going to die (not to be too dramatic or anything). I was shivering, thirsty, and thinking about how I should put together a makeshift will on my iPhone. I somehow stumbled 3 blocks home after finally getting my meds and spent the day answering emails/phone calls, consuming cough drops, and watching my fair share of TV. Did you know Kix revolutionized breakfast cereal because of its manufacturing process? Yeah, me neither.

I somehow managed to make myself a huge pot of soup, which should come in handy tomorrow since my Friday is looking the same. So, now I end my day with a viewing of Pretty Woman and thinking about how great Julia Roberts makes it seem to be a prostitute. I mean, she ends up with Richard Gere and a pretty bad ass wardrobe. Come on, writers, get a little bit more realistic next time.

Now enjoy this video. I did.

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Hot Banana Bread for a Not-So-Hot Day

Even though it’s a short week due to a holiday on Monday it’s been quite the roller coaster so far. Today was crazy at work and now (dare I say it) I think I may be getting sick. And if you know me, you know that I DON’T get sick. Ever.

So, when I came home from work hungry I happily made my way to the banana bread I baked over the weekend. Even though it’s the last little nubbin of bread left it still made my day that much brighter. It had been a while since I baked a normal loaf of banana bread (as opposed to a healthier, lighter version), so I found a recipe online and tweaked it according to the ingredients I had on-hand. You see, my Friday plans were canceled so my baking venture was a spontaneous decision. Shout out to Krysten for letting me borrow two eggs!

By midnight Friday I had one large loaf and two mini loaves fresh out of the oven. By Monday the biggest loaf was devoured and my roommates begged me to make more. In case you find yourself home alone this Friday and get tired of your Netflix binge, break out your apron and throw together a loaf of this bread. Your roommates will love you for it.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup oil

2 eggs

3 ripe bananas

1/2 cup milk (I used almond milk)

A few drops of vanilla extract

2 1/2 cups flour

1 tsp baking soda

pinch of salt

sprinkle of cinnamon

Chocolate chips (no measurement here!)

Start by preheating your oven to 350. Next whip together your sugar and oil, incorporating the eggs once the sugar and oil are mixed. Next add your bananas (you can pre-mash them or try to use fewer dishes like me and mash them in the batter bowl). Stir in the milk and vanilla extract until all the wet ingredients are well incorporated. Add your first cup of flour along with the baking soda and salt. Once mixed well, add the remaining flour. Lastly, time for the chocolate chips. Frankly, go as crazy as you want. I mean, too much chocolate is definitely never a problem.

Pour your batter into a greased loaf pan and bake for 45 minutes adding additional time if necessary. If you’re a smart cookie like me, you’ll risk burned fingers to try a slice right out of the oven. I’d say it’s worth it, but it’s always delicious the next day too. Good luck making it last though!

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I’m baaaaack!!!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, but let’s see if I can get back into the groove.

Back in September I moved to a new apartment (third time’s a charm) and finally signed a year-long lease! It was a Craigslist deal, but I lucked out big time. My roommates are wonderful and have made such a difference in my life. We crack each other up and have regular philosophical chats about life, dating, and our careers. Not to mention the hilarious antics we get into, especially when we all end up a bit tipsy at the end of a night out. Basically, I love them.

My job is fantastic, as always. With each day I realize how lucky I am to work with such a wonderful team. I can’t share too much of what I do online, of course, but I’ll post my adventures when I can.

Lastly, for tonight, my dating life. I have been on more dates this past year than I can remember. Yes, it can be disappointing and incredibly frustrating at times, but I have so many hilarious stories to tell my future grandchildren. I took a break from online dating for a bit, but I’m jumping back in for the heck of it. I firmly believe that you can learn something from every person who enters your life even if it’s only for one date. And the possibility of free food and drinks is always a plus. ūüôā

This past year was a huge learning experience and I’ve grown tremendously. I’ve met some truly amazing people, become more comfortable in my job, and am without a doubt happier than ever. Let’s see what 2015 brings! So far it’s brought some pretty great SNL skits.

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Traveling on the Clock

One of the big perks to my job is getting to travel. I know, I know, I haven’t exactly made my way around the world yet, but at least I’ve already touched on some new cities. The reason I’m reflecting on this now is because I’m at the airport waiting to make my way to Salt ¬†Lake City, then Sacramento where I have an event tomorrow. My flight is delayed, but hopefully won’t interfere with my connection. Anyway, I’ve learned a thing or two since my travel has increased this year and thought I would jot them down for myself.

  • Stay calm: Plans change, delays happen, flights get cancelled, events get moved. Let’s be honest, I’m not flying across the country to perform any emergency surgeries or anything. I’ve learned to not let my anxiety get the best of me because airlines really do want flights to leave on time and most delays are caused by forces out of my control.
  • Pack snacks: College turned me into a bit of a food hoarder, so this one comes easily to me. The worst feeling is being starving and stuck somewhere without easy access to food. Plus, I’m a health nut so I like being able to have my veggies and hummus, fruit, almonds, etc. with me to eat at my leisure.
  • Print out everything: boarding passes, itineraries, hotel confirmation numbers, rental car confirmations. It comes in handy.
  • Entertainment: I pretty much always have my laptop with me, but can’t survive without a good book and sudoku in my backpack too.
  • Look young: Sounds dumb, but people are usually nicer and more willing to forgive you for things like sneaking into the priority boarding line if you look a little bit like a lost middle schooler. Not that I ever do that….
  • Delta is my favorite: Red and blue are classy colors, they give you snack choices, and the flight attendants are friendlier than others (I’m looking at you, United, and your snackless puddle hopper planes).

Despite the occasional frustrations that pop up, I truly love jetting around. This trip is going to be a bit of a doozy because I’m flying to California for 24 hours, then heading straight back to NYC. But, hey, why not?

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Leading up to Easter

Welp…I’ve really fallen behind again. I’ve definitely had a lot of fun since my trip to Detroit and am getting ready for my first visit to LA next week. I’ll be out there for an entire week and am going to make sure I use all my free time to explore and meet up with friends. In fact, I’ve already scheduled coffee with a great family friend, hiking with a school friend, and a karaoke party in Koreatown. Let’s talk about this weekend, though.

Friday: The office was empty, which always leads to a more productive day than usual. Work was CRAZY this week due to so many urgent projects colliding at once, so it was nice to tackle my to-do list without much interruption. Also, one of my office friends was heading home to the Jersey Shore and offered to drive me to my cousins’ house as well. So awesome! And car rides are always perfect for good chats. After a few more hours of work in Holmdel the family¬†gathered for an Italian dinner at Rigoletto’s. The Italian restaurants here are out of this world- always small, family-owned, and so cozy. Not to mention the abundance of scrumptious food. After our end-of-the-meal coffee we made our way back home, jumped into our PJs, and just relaxed. Perfect ending to a hectic week.

Saturday: Of course, I was up at the crack of dawn, so I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and went for a good run. The weather was perfect! After showering and getting myself ready for the day I made a batch of biscotti for my shuttle driver at work (next week will be my last week riding with him!) and went to the mall with my cousin. On the drive there we reminisced about the beach and m

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A lot of my work assignments end up pretty last minute, but I’m always game for a trip anywhere. So, I was thrilled to be asked to fly to Detroit last weekend for an event. I had never been to Michigan and was thrilled to work my first event with talent. It ended up being a great time! Here are a few pics from the night out. And, btw, these guys are awesome! ImageImage¬†

Next up: Los Angeles at the end of April. Flight is booked! And I’ll be in my brand new Manhattan office upon my return. Bonus!

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Well, I failed to post anything in February. It’s been a busy month, but it’s also my least favorite month so hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things now that March is here. Here are some pics that I happened to snap though:


My family’s new puppy, Missy.¬†




My first business trip- bringing the Characters Unite RV to to the University of Georgia. 



Watch What Happens Live with Seth Meyers and Sarah Paulson. Hilarious!Image



Inside the Actors Studio with the cast of How I Met Your Mother. Image


Celebrating the Lunar New Year. 


Brunch at Grey Dog in Chelsea. I love a good omelet!Image

Tai and Randy!



Happy Birthday Holly! Celebrating at the Cellar Bar with the most delicious cake from Momofuku. 


Checking out WWE Live before a swing-by at Bounce. Image


Here’s to hoping that winter leaves soon and that March continues to be exciting and full of fun.¬†

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Jay Z

It just dawned on me that I never posted anything from the Jay Z concert a few weeks ago. Sam got lost minute tickets from a friend so we made our way to Barclays for a late Sunday night out. We had a great time and got some good snapshots too.

1.12.14 2 1.12.14 3 1.12.14 5 1.12.14 6 1.12.14

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Butternut Squash Soup

I’ve been lacking in my picture-taking lately, but don’t worry life is more exciting than ever. I received a promotion at work, which means I can now travel! And I’ll be hosting events a lot more frequently. In fact, I hosted a happy hour at Macao this week, which is an awesome venue with a crazy cocktail menu. In fact, it’s more of a cocktail book. I ordered the Yellow Fever #2 by the way.

Last weekend I started the party off at Arthur’s for a double date. I had never been there before, but really enjoyed the atmosphere. The menu is a bit meat-heavy for me but the company was more than enough to make up for it. I spent Saturday catching up on chores and running errands in the city (visited the Union Square market for the first time in quite a while). On Sunday Sam and I did our own bar crawl for the first half of the Broncos game. We started at Louise and Jerry’s on Washington. Cozy, not crowded, overall we really enjoyed it. But we went to Moran’s for the second quarter and agreed it was the winner. There were more windows and the scene was more lively. The crowd was quite mixed too, which made the atmosphere more fun. At halftime we headed to Sam’s place to get dinner started. On the menu: butternut squash soup and a chopped salad (made by me earlier). We worked together to create the base, then Sam worked his magic with the spices. So good! I won’t post a recipe since I don’t know quite what Sam threw into the pot for flavor, but our technique was solid. We simply chopped up a large butternut squash, one baking potato, and one onion to saute in a large soup pot. Once the veggies started browning we added just enough water to cover the top, chicken base, and Sam’s secret spices (I know he included some sort of pepper and marjoram). We watched the last quarter of the game while everything simmered and the flavors melded together. Finally, we sent it through the blender until smooth and devoured! It was the perfect dinner for a snowy football Sunday.

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Nitro Circus

Sam and I had the opportunity to see Nitro Circus at Madison Square Garden last Wednesday, so we checked it out. The set was pretty cool and very different for MSG. Here are some snippets:

1.8.14 2 1.8.14 3 1.8.14 4 1.8.14 5


And here’s a link to a video clip:¬†

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